Creeds Coffee Bar

390 Dupont Street

Toronto, Ontario

M5R 1V9


Monday - Friday         



7:00am - 6pm

8:00am - 6pm

8:00am - 6pm             

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The Creeds Coffee Bar extends the Creed's on-going commitment to quality, excellent service and personalization, for which, over the last three decades in the garment business, they have become known for. Particular to this new endeavor that offers various coffee options and gourmet goods at Creeds 390 Dupont Street , is the presentation of a rotating selection of works from the Creed's personal collection of contemporary art. 


Since acquiring her first major photograph in 1979, Beverly Creed has formed a collection of art that is comprised of vintage and contemporary photography, painting, sculpture and most recently, moving image works. Her collection is not characterized by any single theme or concept; rather, it is loosely defined by her interest in the ways artists respond to the now. Having started the collection with what are now historical photographs by artists such as Richard Avedon, Man Ray and Henri Cartier-Bresson, the Creed's curiosity and impulse has led to the acquisition of film and video works by Sigalit Landau, Mark Lewis, Owen Kydd and others.


Creeds Coffee Bar is conceptualized as a space where the performance of daily rituals, such as dropping off dry cleaning and or going for coffee, is interrupted and heightened by the experience of art. To mark this intersection between art and the everyday, a selection of film and video works from the Creed’s collection has been brought together under the subject of artists who transform mundane occurrences into poetic gestures. More specifically, the work of Ivan Argote, Sigalit Landau, Mark Lewis, Micah Lexier, Owen Kydd and Evan Lee reveal the humorous and melancholic potential of moments that otherwise go unnoticed. By directing the camera lens towards acts of labor, found materials and pedestrian actions that endure over time, each of the artists constructs a small window from which the simplest of moments can be observed, and for some viewers, can come to mean the world. 

Art at Creeds Coffee Bar